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Resident Update - Spring 2024

We want to reassure you that NYCHA and the PACT partners, Essence Development and Related
Companies, are working diligently to deliver new, quality housing for your household while preserving your rights and protections. However, we are aware that external groups have been circulating a significant amount of inaccurate information regarding NYCHA’s proposal for Fulton and Elliott-Chelsea and its impact on you as a resident. The below resident update package reviews some of the myths you might have been hearing about and answers them with our fact-checked explanations.


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Environmental Review

To facilitate the redevelopment of Fulton and Elliott-Chelsea, the potential impacts to the human, built, and natural environment in the area will be analyzed through a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Decisions are not made in an EIS. Rather, the EIS analysis is one of several factors that decision-makers consider before they can implement a proposed project.


The environmental review process provides a unique opportunity for residents and the public to be involved in decision-making by formally providing comments throughout the process, beginning with the scoping period. We highly encourage residents to participate closely in this process.


Additional Information on the Environmental Review Process

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Important NYCHA Links

Planning for PACT Info Sheet

Information on Permanent Affordability Commitment Together (PACT) 

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Frequently Asked Questions about PACT

Resident Rights & Responsibilities

Learn more about resident rights and protections, and prepare for PACT

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